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Experience Makes the Difference…

Realized & Validated Savings, No Risk, Results Driven Solutions were the Key Drivers for our Clients when electing us as their TEM Advisors…...

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IB Professional Services provides additional value, through

Inventory Discovery & Baseline Creation, Historical Auditing & Optimization, Analysis of Contracts and Benchmarking. A tailored approached to creating savings in excess of 30%...

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Learn How IB Helps Clients Achieve

Combining unparalleled experience, tailored solutions impacting all industries and business functions, and through extensive research on the world’s most successful companies, IB collaborates with clients to help them identify, govern, and managed ongoing telecom expenses....

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Audit, Analysis, & Sourcing for Demanding Business Environments

IB’s focus on cost savings, best practices, and solutions fulfillment, allows our clients the ability to achieve additional savings in excess of 30%, with improved workflow processes for those organization with or without an existing TEM Solution....

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Resource Center

IB understands that the more you know, the better decisions you can make. To that end, we are pleased to share some of our knowledge with you through Industry White Papers, Hyperlinks to Tariffs/Service Guides, Current Industry News, & Independent Analyst Reports...

What We Do

Intelligent Bills is a professional services firm focused on helping its clients draft, develop and implement Telecom Cost Management Solutions.

Our focus on telecom inventory and invoice management enables our customers to gain better control of their wireless & wireline inventory, increased visibility into business intelligence and a reduction in costs.

In 20 Years, we have been responsible for generating well over $750 Million in Savings.

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News & Events

September 2015 - IB website hacked by Foreign Government with malicious code.  To the credit of our internal IT Team, all client/partner data is housed on different secure systems not shared with our branding site and insuring confidential information remains confidential.

March 2015 - IB Audit Team identifies a $1+ Million dollar over billing issue with Domestic Tier I Service Provider on network overcharges.  Both the Client’s and Vendor’s records were not able to produce any supporting documentation over the last several years until our subject matter experts identified the issue and drafted the necessary supporting documentation favoring the client.

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Client Spotlight

Fortune 100 Software Company
Company signs on with IB for its expertise in the area of Auditing and Optimization.

Since the beginning of the project, incorporating a period of four months, IB has been instrumental in the identification, recovery, and savings, in excess of $300k per month.

All savings identified were a combination of a variety of telecom services incorporating, Wireless, Wireline, and Equipment.

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Delivering Proven Strategies, Tailored Solutions, & Real Savings