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Mobility Offer

Learn Valuable Insight into your Current Mobility Expense through our Free Six “6″ Point Wireless Analysis:

What’s Included
  • Voice Usage – How much are your voice plans actually costing you on a per minute basis.
  • Data Usage – How much Data are you really using.
  • Messaging Usage – How much messaging have you used.
  • Purchases – 3rd Party Download, Ringtones, Games, Navigation, Movies, etc. – Quick and Easy to Buy, can create unwanted expenses.
  • Missing Discounts – The wireless service providers afford additional discounts based on the number of devices or revenue commitments ranging from 8-26%. The application of the discounts is applied on a per line basis, which are sometimes missed.
  • International Usage for Voice & Data – Some plans may be outdated, grandfathered, or to expensive when compared to newer plans that are a huge area for savings.
Participants will gain invaluable knowledge & insight on:
  • The key cost & governance challenges, and what to do about them
  • Market Pricing Comparison and How to Best Achieve In Class Pricing
  • A Guarantee of a Minimum 10% Return on Investment

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2015 Intelligent Bills Mobility Offer

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