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Case Studies

Intelligent Bills over the last 18 years has provided solutions to many of the largest, most respected, and well-known organizations in the U.S. Our clients included the leading financial institutions, healthcare providers, technology companies, and government agencies. Our goal is to reduce our clients expenses, improve on process efficiencies and lower operational costs.

Our consultative approach allows us to leverage our years of industry experience and relations with the service providers to draft, develop and implement a set of solutions specific to your organizations needs. Below are three examples of different solutions we have developed over the last few years.

Software Company
A Global Fortune 100 Software company had a need to inventory and tag all its telecommunications services and equipment from various providers for the domestic U.S. Our solution created a manageable up-to-date database and refunds in excess of $ 2.5 Million. [view pdf]



Service Provider
A Global Fortune 50 Service Provider has a need to manage thousands of their paper bills more efficiently and provide visibility to the details. Our solution helped this organization build efficiencies through technology, provided visibility to their details and reduce the managed expense by over 80%. [view pdf]



Financial Institution
A Fortune 100 Bank had a need to reduce their outsourced managed expense for all their telecommunications services and equipment. Our solutions helped this organization save over 70% in management fees and provided an ROI over five times the amount they paid out. [view pdf]

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