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Provider Selection

Enterprises continue to utilize third party providers for more services and products every year, but as the provider market grows, it becomes increasingly difficult – and critically important – for the buyers to select which provider is right for them.   Intelligent Bills provides RFP development and provider selection services that ensure your organization gets the optimal providers for IT infrastructure services, network carrier services, hardware and maintenance, software, application support and development, business processes and cloud services.

Depending on your organization’s capacity, capabilities and preferences Intelligent Bills can provide RFP development and/or provider selection service in conjunction with or in place of your sourcing/procurement department.   We can engage in the process at any stage, whether you are completely unfamiliar with the vendor market, have a few providers shortlisted but want to add more or know exactly which companies you want to run through a competitive process.  Whether you want to issue a RFI or conduct an informal market scan, Intelligent Bills can assist you to develop a shortlist of providers.  Whether you want help with RFP development or only provider selection, we can assist your organization to select the right provider(s) for the services or products you need.

Below are some triggers that indicate a need for RFP development and provider selection services from Intelligent Bills:

  • My company has never bought this type of service or product before
  • I’m unclear about the exact scope of services to be purchased
  • I’m not sure which providers have the capabilities we need and would make our business a priority
  • I’m uncertain how to get an apples-to-apples comparison with relevant responses
  • My company needs to move fast, but we don’t want to sacrifice quality or incur too much risk
  • I’m not sure of the complete set of evaluation criteria or how to validate the proposals
  • I’m uncertain how to structure the selection process to support negotiations and a collaborative relationship

As a sourcing advisory firm, RFP development and provider selection is something Intelligent Bills consultants do all day every day.  And we do so for a specific set of services and products that your internal resources may only source 2-3 times per year.   We leverage the following to your advantage:

Our methodology provides consistent, repeatable results having been honed over 1000s of engagements

  • Our tools and templates accelerate RFP development and provider selection process
  • Our people are not only sourcing experts, but also SMEs in the services/products being sourced
  • Our pricing databases and benchmarking capabilities ensure you get a fair market price
  • We know the provider market and maintain information databases on all of the major providers
  • Many of our consultants previously worked for major providers giving us insider knowledge

Intelligent Bills does not sell the services you are interested in buying nor take fees – or compensation in any other form – from other providers. Our team is completely unbiased ensuring we recommend the right provider for you, not the provider paying us behind the scenes.

Engaging Intelligent Bills for provider selection will ensure you get a better deal in a shorter time with the right partner providing the optimal scope of services for a fair market price at the quality level you need.

Contact us today to learn more about how Intelligent Bills can help you achieve your objectives.

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  • 2015 Mobility Offer

    2015 Mobility Offer
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    "We felt treated as though we were one of their top tiered clients. Our account team showed their professionalism, time and time again, especially through their timely responses to all our requests. A true testament to their great staff."

    Director of Finance Healthcare Provider

    "Our Mobility Review netted us over $250,000 in Refunds, going far beyond the 60 Day Billing Dispute clause found in our wireless agreement."

    IT Manager, Fortune 10, Software Company

    "Not only have you (Jose Alarcon) been instrumental in helping shape our Global TEM Strategy, and advising us on direction, you have also been very supportive in communicating how we were positioned with our existing TEM solution."

    Yahoo, Director Global Telecom

    "Your Recommendations saved our organization well over 40% on our overall telecom spend. The management of all the changes and post validation allowed us to reap a positive financial impact for your combined efforts."

    United Nurses of CA