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Strategy & Business Case

Companies wanting a competitive edge for their TEM strategy needs rely on us. We help clients reduce costs, improve operational performance, and leverage innovative approaches to solve simple or complex TEM objectives.

To achieve profitable results you need to develop a tailored strategy. Your strategy may be broad and sourcing-centric or focused with a specific goal of moving a business function towards Outsourcing or Shared Services.

We’re considered experts in the TEM industry. Our consultants excel at creating proven strategies to assist clients in achieving unparallel results

We focus on TEM strategies:

  • The scope of the processes to be sourced. We help you identify which processes should be outsourced and which should be retained.
  • The configuration of the outsourcing options selected – single or multi-provider
  • The location of your outsourced solution. Factors include: forecasted labor costs, your company’s global reach, skills you require, and socio-economic and security profiles of candidate geographies that best serve your strategy.

Our business process outsourcing strategies and methodologies help you target opportunities based on a quantitative assessment of business value and risk. We conduct in-depth meetings to help clients discover value, outline action items, build proof from operational data, and clarify strategic intent.

It’s all about what’s best for our client’s sourcing needs. We differentiate ourselves through our experience and market expertise, industry knowledge, and ensuring clients their configuration and location of TEM services requirements are available – now and in the future.

Your deliverable: an action-oriented TEM strategy highlighting where opportunities exist and how to get there. We help transform your business to achieve your business goals.

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  • 2015 Mobility Offer

    2015 Mobility Offer
  • Testimonials

    "We felt treated as though we were one of their top tiered clients. Our account team showed their professionalism, time and time again, especially through their timely responses to all our requests. A true testament to their great staff."

    Director of Finance Healthcare Provider

    "Our Mobility Review netted us over $250,000 in Refunds, going far beyond the 60 Day Billing Dispute clause found in our wireless agreement."

    IT Manager, Fortune 10, Software Company

    "Not only have you (Jose Alarcon) been instrumental in helping shape our Global TEM Strategy, and advising us on direction, you have also been very supportive in communicating how we were positioned with our existing TEM solution."

    Yahoo, Director Global Telecom

    "Your Recommendations saved our organization well over 40% on our overall telecom spend. The management of all the changes and post validation allowed us to reap a positive financial impact for your combined efforts."

    United Nurses of CA