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Vendor Management

Long before a contract is executed with selected suppliers, the client organization must begin preparing for managing the provider relationship and performance to contractual commitments with governance.

Before a retained organization can take responsibility for managing the provider, executive leadership needs to provide answers to questions like:

  • How prepared is the organization to assume the required new roles and responsibilities?
  • How should the retained organization be structured to best govern the new relationship?
  • How is the retained organization’s work different from what it used to do?
  • What new governance processes need to be defined and put in place before the contract is signed?

Without answers to these and many more detailed questions around transition and governance, the client organization will not realize the value expected from the strategic TEM initiative.

Our research indicates 40 to 70% of the potential value identified in the TEM business case will be lost unless strong relationship management and governance processes are put in place within the retained organization prior to contract execution. We provide our client’s with guidance and direction over the course of the engagement in a number of ways such as:

  • Assessment of organizational readiness
  • Retained organization design
  • Roles and responsibility definition
  • Personnel suitability assessment and alignment
  • Creation of the Transition Team
  • Process definition and mapping
  • Process documentation and training
  • On-going Transition Team support and management as required

Processes for managing the relationship to specific outcomes are important to value optimization to ensure the client gets what they’re paying for. Many clients are not prepared to manage the contract and nuances that arise as both parties seek to properly functionalize what was in the proposal, and then documented in the Master Services Agreement and related documents.

We use specialized knowledge of the governance process and leverage artifacts, templates, and process maps developed over many years to quickly address client specific requirements to functionalize the deal.

This experience-based-suite of services provides the following:

  • Accelerates the process of preparing the client organization
  • Adapts to specific contract language and other client specific requirements
  • Ensures that value does not leak away and that it’s optimized over the life of the relationship.
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  • 2015 Mobility Offer

    2015 Mobility Offer
  • Testimonials

    "We felt treated as though we were one of their top tiered clients. Our account team showed their professionalism, time and time again, especially through their timely responses to all our requests. A true testament to their great staff."

    Director of Finance Healthcare Provider

    "Our Mobility Review netted us over $250,000 in Refunds, going far beyond the 60 Day Billing Dispute clause found in our wireless agreement."

    IT Manager, Fortune 10, Software Company

    "Not only have you (Jose Alarcon) been instrumental in helping shape our Global TEM Strategy, and advising us on direction, you have also been very supportive in communicating how we were positioned with our existing TEM solution."

    Yahoo, Director Global Telecom

    "Your Recommendations saved our organization well over 40% on our overall telecom spend. The management of all the changes and post validation allowed us to reap a positive financial impact for your combined efforts."

    United Nurses of CA