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Benchmark Analysis for Better Telecom Contracts and a Reduction in Rates:

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Looking to save 20-40% on your Telecom Related Costs? If you are spending more that $20-200k per month on bandwidth, telecom, and/or wireless services,  Intelligent Bills will compare your contract and pricing to your competition and offer alternatives.

Our Benchmark Analysis cuts costs for both vendors and clients.  Our analysis pulls from a variety of data points secured from thousands of active agreements catalogued in our library providing us with the most current market intelligence for domestic and international telecom services.

Our proprietary processes and techniques, define deficiencies found in our clients existing agreements thereby allowing us to open the agreement with an incumbent provider for greater gained savings and equally reasonable terms.

What’s Included
Service Levels Review, Terms & Conditions Comparison, Escalation Procedures, Termination Language Impact, Determination on opportunity for Additional Savings 
Participants will gain invaluable knowledge through:
An Analysis of your existing services relationship, An Actionable Outsourcing Roadmap, Benchmark of Industry Averages vs. Your Current Costs, In Class Standards vs. Your Current SLAs, Recommendations for correcting or enhancing existing services agreements


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2015 Intelligent Bills Sourcing Offer

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