Unmatched experience and proven methods.

We provide clear expense visibility that helps you understand your full inventory, streamlined internal processes, increase profits, and reduce expenses at no risk. Any combination of the below services could create wins in excess of 30% +.


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Advisory Services

At Intelligent Bills, we come to you with unmatched experience and proven methods to execute procedures that streamline processes, reduce expenses, and increase current profits to help the future viability of your company. We understand that good planning, implementing a sound strategy, strategic sourcing, and working as an extension of your team will help achieve these desired goals, and is the key to success.

TEM and WEM Integrators

The startup phase can feel extremely daunting, no matter what stage of technology/wireless expense management (TEM) that your company is in. We help simplify the process, bringing our years of expertise and knowledge of technology trends...


TEM/EMM/WEM Sourcing

Over the years, technology has become an increasingly large percentage of corporate budgets and digital business across all industries. This business technology spend can be reduced and optimized if you know every option that is available for your...

Technology Transformation

Future technology is emerging at an ever-quickening pace, and companies are asked to keep up if they want to stay competitive in their fields and keep customers happy. We access what innovative technology is in the market and decipher what IT strategy...

Streamline Corporate Payments

Our expert team of business analysts will dive deep into your current budgeting and bills and unlock savings in business and technology to identify ways that you can better manage your spend and capture unrealized profits and forensic savings...

Mergers & Acquisitions

When a merger or acquisition occurs, there are a lot of important aspects that need to be audited and analyzed to ensure that both sides are happy with the negotiations. Our team will provide you with the 100-foot view necessary to ensure contract savings...


Our subject matter experts offers the most comprehensive set of independent advisory services for Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft in the enterprise market that impacts 3rd Party Support, License Management, Compliance, Audit and Tune Ups.

Any combination of the above services could create wins in excess of 30%+