SD-WAN Case Study

This automotive group depends on a fast, reliable, and secure network to connect with customers, employees, business partners, while supporting key business applications across its dispersed locations. While continuous dealership growth was certainly a good thing, higher volumes of clientele were straining the internet bandwidth and, in turn, negatively impacted the customer experience.

Inventory Management Case Study

Large property management company in the Midwest – its footprint spanned 80+ properties over multiple states, had bought and sold numerous properties. But, with limited visibility into their inventory they were operating from a false view of reality. The uncertainty of what services were active vs inactive/canceled caused significant and unnecessary payouts to vendors, late fees, and prevented them from planning for growth and proper management.

Annual Cost Reduction Case Study

An American multinational e-commerce corporation had a global telecom spend of over $40+ million. Looking for ways to reduce its telecom expenses The annual spend for toll-free service alone was nearly $500K. The client had multiple vendors providing inbound service at a variety of price points and service configurations.