Repeat Savings Mean Repeat Customers.

One of the largest US holding companies has signed onto their 4th engagement with us inside of 6 months! But why?

This client, already experiencing significant savings with Intelligent Bills, had performed detailed analysis on Microsoft licensing and was anticipating nearly 200K in savings. They reached out to us for advice and insight on their progress. As a goodwill gesture, we offered to audit this project, free of charge, to help ensure they would get the desired results.

What we found was that the analysis was flawed, among several reasons, due to changes in vendor pricing the client did not know. Our expertise and insider industry knowledge allowed us to revise their analysis, correct for pricing and forecast 400K+…more than TWICE the amount in estimated annual savings as well as further reduced costs over time. Naturally, they decided to let Intelligent Bills take on the heavy lifting for this project once again.

What our customer’s quickly learn is that by repeatedly engaging with us, they save exponentially more money, not just in immediate recovery and cost-containment but via multi-faceted organizational and process changes that improve accuracy, efficiency and ensure continued savings and ROI.

We’re not here to push suppliers or drive agendas other than your own. As a vendor-agnostic technology partner, our goal is to help you understand your options, advise suppliers based on experience and be there when you need us – from contract renegotiation to troubleshooting IT issues to establishing a security strategy to mitigate your risk.

We’ve got your back at every stage of the technology cost control process. Work with a partner who gets it. Contact our team today and set up a meeting.