Corporate Technology Areas Impacted by COVID 19

Since the pandemic started, the corporate work culture has changed dramatically in almost all facets. From everyone going into the office daily, with the occasional work from home situation, to the majority of staff working remotely. This has caused a large number of corporate technology areas impacted by COVID 19.



How long will this continue and will our experience now be the norm for years to come?

There are many opinions and daily discussions being had within every corporate leadership team across the globe.  One group impacted more than most, has been that of the IT/Technology teams.

Most organizations had some level of remote access plan in place, but not at the scale we have seen today. To say global organizations and vendors are scrambling to get everything in place is the understatement of the century.

Corporate IT groups on a global scale need to review all areas that are and will be impacted for years to come. Questions of whether or not to insource or outsource specific functions need to be answered in the near short term. What are the corporate technology areas impacted by COVID 19?


Some specific IT-related areas to consider are:

  • Invoice processing and validation
  • Helpdesk Support
  • Payment processing & automation
  • Inventory Management
  • Asset Management
  • Cloud Storage & Backup
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Security
  • Collaboration Tools

Some areas that are being impacted today and in the near future are:

  • Corporate Real Estate (needs vs wants)
  • Remote Access Strategy
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Client/Vendor Liabilities (Sourcing)
  • Revenue leakage/Assurance
  • Shortage of IT Resources (Staffing)
  • Rate modeling/quote management
  • Security
  • Technology change requirements
  • Excess CPE Strategy
  • Budgeting

At Intelligent Bills, we understand these challenges and have helped many Fortune 500 organizations right-size their IT operational structure. We offer a tailored approach to each client to driving the organization’s successes. If your company has corporate technology areas impacted by COVID 19, we can help. We can help you recover lost profits. Contact Us