Fortune 100 Company

Billing Optimization Case Study

A major software development company needed help identifying what telecommunication services they were using and what they were actually paying for. Internally they were struggling with aggressive timelines, constrained resources, and limited experience to take on this type of task.

Increasing Processing Efficiencies Case Study

This Fortune 10 Company initiated a project to increase overall efficiencies throughout the review and audit processes associated with their telecommunication costs. With more than 7000 invoices arriving each month in a paper format. Manually obtaining detailed data from the invoices was extremely cumbersome and cost prohibitive. 

Voice & Data Network Case Study

A major financial institution was challenged with cost containment of network expenses due to recent cutbacks in staffing. Confronted with limited resources, an inability to consolidate their Voice & Data Networks under one vendor, they needed a set of solutions that addressed their immediate and ongoing needs.

Annual Cost Reduction Case Study

An American multinational e-commerce corporation had a global telecom spend of over $40+ million. Looking for ways to reduce its telecom expenses The annual spend for toll-free service alone was nearly $500K. The client had multiple vendors providing inbound service at a variety of price points and service configurations.