Trust and Making MACD Changes

Should you trust your MMS or other provider to make MACD/plan changes on your behalf?

Let me tell you a story.

Recently, a provider executed a request for a plan change with a carrier on behalf of a client. They also requested it to be backdated to the beginning of the billing cycle.

While I’m sure the provider believed this change would save the client a considerable sum. However, they made the request without notifying the client or the client’s advisory partners.

trust puzzle

Luckily, as one of those expert advisors, I receive all change requests prior to authorization/execution. I was concerned. There was no documentation with the request. There was no quantitative data to support the estimated savings. No one besides the provider and carrier seemed to know the change was even being requested.

As a trusted advisor, it’s our job to have a keen 3rd eye on everything; to see the whole puzzle and to ensure no pieces fall through the cracks. After some digging, it turns out that approving that change would have cost the customer $165,000 in additional fees!

How did this happen?

In a nutshell:

• The provider suggested changes on 260+ devices and plans based on a lower monthly plan rate.
• In the current agreement, equipment plus plan is $27.15 month for the first 2 years and then $15/month afterwards.
• The new recommended plan was only $25/month for the length of the term. BUT NO equipment was included, and the client would also be on the hook for a one-time device fee for remainder of the existing term. That would mean approximately another $500 per device.

Again, if these changes were approved, it would have cost our client roughly $165K more than what they’re currently paying! Despite their attempt to act in the client’s best interest, the provider either didn’t have access to critical information or didn’t know how to effectively analyze the contract/rates/plans to understand the actual financial impact.

So no, I would not recommend trusting your MMS (or other provider) to make changes without experienced oversight and a firm, enforced process for doing so.

When managing ballooning telecom and technology expenses, having an expert partner like Intelligent Bills is always a boon to the bottom line. Our customers trust us to, in the words of Don Peppers, “do the right thing and do things right.” We are not a second set of eyes. We are the 3rd eye, and we see everything.

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