Save yourself hours of confusion and stress

Our years of experience scouring invoices, billing records and contract data with a fine-tooth-comb has made us specialists in saving money and opportunity costs. Any combination of our cost reduction services could create wins in excess of 30% or more.


Cost Reduction Services

The team at Intelligent Bills is exceptionally skilled at finding opportunities for cost reduction throughout your business areas. Our services work to increase your bottom line, give you a consistent and clear view of what you are spending and where, and provides peace of mind that there are no dollars or savings being overlooked.

IT/Telecom Audit

Across all industries, technology services represent substantial business costs. Intelligent Bills provides ongoing audit/analysis of IT/Telecom services, billing, usage, along with clarity of dollars being spent vs. cost savings.

Mobile Audit

Educated procurement, sourcing, shipment implementation, and management of mobility services will help you take full control of the data and configuration settings of devices deployed across your environment.

Asset Management

We are experts at inventory. Without a complete and accurate inventory, organizations risk over-spending due to billing errors, sub-par network designs, inaccurate bill payment, and inefficient purchasing decisions. 

Cloud Optimization

Every company's need for infrastructure and cloud computing services is unique and evolving. We understand that correctly selecting the right cloud services are imperative, as is the continued need to analyze and optimize usage and cost.

Telecom Tax Audit

Intelligent Bills provides global tax audit and reporting that enables you to elevate the role of the tax department and the value it adds to your business. Our insights help support smart decisions while containing costs.

Any combination of the above services could generate savings in excess of 30%!