Cloud Optimization

Our knowledge of cloud optimization costs and hosting options will help you understand, monitor and manage all the details associated with your cloud bills and usage.

We make sure your cloud services meet your current and future needs.


Deliver Business Value on the Cloud

Over time, your cloud environment can “drift” from its initial state resulting in technical debt, a degraded security posture, and undocumented one-off changes. Intelligent Bills approach can help you evaluate your cloud server and cloud environment, report on critical security gaps, recommend remediation steps, and re-architect for maximum efficiency.

Our subject matter experts will perform an analysis of your cloud imprint to assist in identifying areas of improvement and instating the best practices possible - all focused on understanding the details associated with your cloud billing.

Cloud Cost Intelligence Reports

Our knowledge of cloud cost and cloud hosting options helps you monitor, understand and manage the details associated with your cloud bills. It allows you to review your billing data in a full-featured reporting structure, providing you with complete visibility and cost intelligence through detailed reporting and filtering, while enabling chargebacks to lines of business (LOBs). We also detect anomalous spending patterns, providing transaction-level details to quickly identify the root problem and get your spending back under control.

By removing unused services, reducing costs through automation, and leveraging long term savings, Intelligent Bills is able to help your organization achieve an average 30%+ROI through costs reductions and efficiency gains.

Full Lifecycle Management of Reserved Instances (RIs)

We analyze existing workloads and Reserved Instances to define a comprehensive plan to optimize your RIs. By matching your RI needs against your existing portfolio, Intelligent Bills provides detailed recommendations to exchange underutilized convertible RIs into the RIs you actually need, highlights when you need to buy additional RIs that cannot be obtained through exchanges, and tells you when you should reduce the number of non-convertible RIs that are not providing you with value.

By providing you with the support and guidance you need we also help with the auto-discovery of your entire private cloud or hybrid cloud environment, the scanning of your network vulnerabilities, and the procurance of actionable intelligence, you are able to make adequately informed and successful decisions.


Let our cloud experts show you how your organization can reap meaningful savings by taking control of
cloud costs.