IT/Telecom Audit

Without clear visibility into your spend, technology, current supplier contracts, etc., your procurement organization can easily fall out of alignment with your company’s strategic direction. An audit of your procurement operations can help.


If you’re looking to enhance your procurement organization, recover money and expenses from suppliers, get control over your sales and use tax payments, or compare your suppliers and contracts to the market, Intelligent Bills has the right procurement audit services to meet your needs.


Changes in a company’s landscape, whether as a result of a merger and acquisition or the launch of a new product, can often lead to a muddled view of procurement operations.

While an organizational change is often the catalyst for process improvement, best-in-class companies don’t wait for an issue to arise before thoroughly assessing and understanding the procurement function. For these companies, procurement audits are a strategic measure to identify areas of opportunity whether it be in cost reduction, benchmarking current contracts, or improving overall operating efficiency.

Procurement Operations Audit and Assessment
A successful procurement operations audit doesn’t just uncover the root causes for your current challenges. The procurement audit and assessment also helps identify opportunities to establishes processes and procedures for long-term sustainability and efficiency. Source One’s procurement transformation advisory services (operational procurement audits) assess the state of your procurement organization’s people, processes, and technology to identify not only the challenge areas but also identify your organization’s strengths and best practices. Our procurement operations audits will help compare you to your peers and will outline the strategies, processes, people, technologies and procedures you must implement to be considered leading-class. Our decades of procurement auditing experience and holistic approach will help you chart the course to take your procurement operations to the next level.

Audits and Cost Reduction Initiatives
The procurement and sourcing functions at companies of all sizes run lean. Often, procurement groups do not have the time, leverage, market intelligence, or tools to get the best price from the best supplier from every single item or service that they procure. Even when procurement does get a best-in-class pricing agreement in place, there is often little consideration paid into the ongoing auditing of pricing and the supplier to ensure that identified savings have been obtained.

Intelligent Bills can help you obtain savings faster while improving your supplier relationships. As part of our contingency-based strategic sourcing services, we continually audit your invoices and your suppliers and make sure that they, and you, are compliant with your contract. Implementation, continual improvement, procurement price auditing, and savings tracking are all part of our comprehensive contingency-based strategic sourcing offering.

Contingency-Based Cost Reduction
Intelligent Bills offers flexible fee options, including contingency-based billing, meaning that our skin is in the game, too. Whether you’re in need of our full strategic sourcing services or just support with particular phases such as benchmarking, spend analysis, supplier identification, or market research, our unique business model allows us to deliver clients on-demand resources without the risk of upfront costs. After we help you implement a new contract or supplier, we stay with you and provide a continuing procurement audit service to ensure compliance.

Technology Audit Services
Whether you’re dealing with pesky surcharges, questionable tariff filings, negotiating a new contract, or renewal with a service provider, telecommunications is one of the most difficult spend categories to manage. Intelligent Bills' telecom audit specialists will not only capture a clear view of your company’s telecom spending but also bring to light any carrier billing errors and work to recover overpayments as a result. Our collaborative approach ensures a clear picture of your spending and works to establish best practices within your organization for managing technology spend in the future.