Mobile Audit

It is important to identify potential savings areas, but ensuring that you are accurately billed is key to keeping your dollars based on the egregious terms the providers place on its customers when trying to recoup money on billing errors.

On average, our solutions have been able to save our new clients well over 30% in annual savings on their mobile services. For those existing clients, the number decreases down to an average 10% quarterly savings, simply because of the manner in which the service providers bill in advance.


These results are accomplished via a customized set of mobile solutions, incorporating some of the following:

  • Historical Billing Review
  • Rate Plan Optimizations
  • Features Review for domestic & abroad
  • Policy Creation and Enforcement
  • Mobile Audit Data Modeling crafting “What If Scenarios”

By using state of the art technology, and by participating in several billing data beta test programs, with
a variety of different wireless vendors. Intelligent Bills is able to stay ahead of the curve in
understanding how to control and manage your mobile costs through visibility and actionable
intelligence. Through the use of our business intelligence tools and through reporting we are better
prepared to determine strategy and execution, in order to drive down your costs.

Savings Benefits Sampling:

  • Elimination of unused lines, plans, features, and devices
  • Zero Total Usage - All lines of service without voice, data, messaging, and push-to-talk usage for
    more than three months are identified and reviewed for potential disconnection.
  • Zero Voice Usage - Identifies lines of service without voice usage for an extended period of time.
  • Zero Data Usage - Identifies lines of service without data usage for an extended period of time.
  • Zero International Voice and Data Usage - These lines of service have expensive add-on features,
    or specialized plan-types, which allow for voice roaming, long-distance calling, or international
    data roaming. Identifying when these plans and features go unused enables ongoing savings
  • High Data Users - identify high voice, messaging, and data users.
  • Feature Optimization - Downloads, Ringback Tones, and Navigation Software. Many clients’ have features like these enabled across their carrier accounts.
  • Insurance - Our clients’ have in many cases already made a choice on how to manage insurance features for their devices across the organization.
  • Messaging – We identify lines which have messaging features on lines with unlimited plans, and also lines missing messaging features and incurring overages

Mobility continues to fuel business productivity and efficiency gains in today's market and is expected to continue growing at a rapid pace. A well-managed mobile environment begins with understanding what you have and what you are paying for. The expected growth in this space brings with it new challenges and new opportunities. Intelligent Bills approach through Mobile audit affords its Clients’ the opportunity to understand how you are billed today in error, what you should be billed based on your agreements, and all the data points needed to secure a better deal based on the organization’s needs.