Telecom Tax Audit

Intelligent Bills telecom tax audit and analysis helps both service providers and customers identify/recover telecommunications tax overpayments. Intelligent Bills deploys a team of subject matter professionals with decades of experience working with these often overlooked and underserviced taxes.


With our Telecom Tax Audit, we fine-tune our approach to your organization's needs ensuring strong results.

Through a comprehensive review process, Intelligent Bills can identify, quantify, and recover overpayments in every major taxing jurisdiction. Intelligent Bills has successfully assisted clients in audits to reduce their liability for the following;

  • State and Local telecommunications excise taxes,
  • E911 taxes and surcharges,
  • Federal Excise Tax (FET),
  • Federal Universal Service Fund (FUSF),
  • State and Local universal service funds,
  • Infrastructure maintenance fees
  • And many others

Intelligent Bills takes further steps in analyzing the usage of your organization's voice, Internet, and data traffic patterns for mobile and traditional landline services. We then evaluate traffic volume across the intrastate, interstate, and international services. We compile these reports and cross-reference them against information such as call volumes, types of usage and call completion.

Our team handles the audit process from start to finish. We handle the process of producing state records and collecting the documentation needed to build the business case and determine the likelihood of success. We coordinate with the taxing authority to ensure detailed, and reliable responses and streamline any dispute resolution procedures. What we do is take away the stress related to these audits and assist in providing cost reduction.

We capture every possible refund, tax refund, and reduction opportunity while reducing tax and other liabilities, with no impact on daily operations.

At Intelligent Bills, we are known for our ability to find all the saving opportunities and aggressively pursue those dollars to ensure that no issue or opportunity is left unturned. Our professionals rely on their expertise, hands-on experience, and library of prior wins to deliver outstanding value.