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On average, our solutions have been able to save our new clients well over 30% in annual savings on their mobile services.For those existing clients the number decreases down to a 10% quarterly savings, simply because of the manner in which the service providers bill in advance.These results are accomplished via a customized set of mobile solutions, incorporating a historical billing review, Rate Plan Optimization, Features Review for domestic & abroad, Policy Creation, Mobile Governance, and finally through Data Modeling, What If Scenarios.By using state of the art technology, and by being included in several billing data beta test programs with the wireless vendors, we are able to stay ahead of the curve in understanding how to control and manage your mobile costs.Through the use of our business intelligence tools and through reporting we are better prepared to determine strategy and execution, in order to drive down your costs.

Our TEM Provider Did Not Find nor Produce 75% of the Savings Found - Global Retailer

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