FREE Mobility Health Report & Consult

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We'd like to offer you the opportunity to obtain a FREE Mobility Health Report plus, up to a 30-minute consult to review the findings.

In this report, we will review and analyze your largest telecom vendor for:
• Market/Price Parity
• Terms and Conditions Parity
• Additional Opportunities for Savings and Efficiency Gains

Project Requirements

Intelligent Bills requires the following to complete your FREE Mobility Health Report:

  • Submit the Fill-In Form – We will respond via email with next steps as described below.
  • Mutual NDA – Both parties must sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement that keeps confidential all information related to this report.
  • Active Contract/Invoices – You must provide Intelligent Bills with a copy of the active contract for your largest telecom provider (or the provider of your choice) and at minimum, one month of all invoice/billing records for that account.

FREE Mobility Health Report Form

FREE Mobility Health Report Form

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