Avenues For New Revenue Streams


Corporate Synergies

Let's evaluate the benefits our organizations can build with each other without overlap, through supplementation, and or value adds.  We have over 12 years plus experience in this model that has returned several hundreds thousands to our partners and continues to grow.

Agent Program

If you want to be on Top of the World, consider joining our team, stacked with a proven and supported portfolio of Services & Solutions

As a selling agent for Intelligent Bills, you’ll join a seasoned team of native telecom subject matter experts who are dedicated to putting clients first and providing the highest level of comprehensive telecom solutions. We will assist in customizing the right solutions for your clients with a support staff at your disposal.

Referral Program

As a Referral Partner, you'll help inform your client & business network about Intelligent Bills Tailored Services & Solutions built on a successful records of Wins over the last 25+ Years.

The Brilliance in Uniformity Around Delivery Creates a Spectacular Showcase Driven By Results