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Hyperion Partners

Jonathan Smith, VP of Channel Development

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for our partnership. The pricing secured was the best I had seen in my career. Your attention to detail and willingness to jump on calls with a moment's notice to meet with the carriers allowed for clear communication which, in turn, produced the best pricing I've ever seen from a carrier. I look forward to 2024 and working closely with you to create incredible success."

Fortune 100 Retailer

"The Team was exceptional in leveraging Experience, Market Intelligence, and Industry Trends. Allowing us to open up our agreement mid-term resulting in 30%+ Savings, equating to Several Million in Year One."

Top U.S. University

"Our Telecom Audit netted us over $2Mm in additional Telecom Refunds/Savings beyond the initial $1Mm we found on our own, on low hanging fruit. The added soft dollar win for us was the knowledge transfer gained."

Fortune 100 Software Company

"Our Mobility Review netted us over $250,000 in Refunds & $1.6Mm in Costs Avoidance, going far beyond the 6 Month Billing Dispute clause found in our wireless agreement."

Software Licensing Renegotiation

TurnPoint Services had experienced double-digit growth in acquisitions and was now faced with monitoring, supporting and paying for hundreds of individual mobile contracts and devices.

Mobility Sourcing and Savings in M&A

TurnPoint Services had experienced double-digit growth in acquisitions and was now faced with monitoring, supporting and paying for hundreds of individual mobile contracts and devices.

Comprehensive Network Solution

A leading auto parts company was looking to revamp its existing network solutions. The company was not receiving quality service or support from its communications and data network provider.

Contract Renegotiation

An insurance company with nearly 100 locations was a long time customer on a legacy TDM network, which could no longer support its business growth. The company needed their contract renegotiated.

SD-WAN Transformation

While this automotive group’s continuous growth was a good thing, high traffic volumes were straining their bandwidth and, in turn, negatively impacting the customer experience.

Contract and Connectivity

As this non-profit healthcare company’s patient-base and faculty continued to grow, so did their associated technology needs and their current solution was no longer meeting these needs.

Lowering Telecom Costs

Looking for ways to reduce its telecom expenses, this e-commerce company turned to Intelligent Bills to identify savings and efficiencies while still fostering growth and innovation.

TEM and WEM Transformation

A business and financial software company noticed monthly telecom expenses creeping higher each month. Resources were limited and more visibility was needed to help determine root causes.

Contract Renegotiation

A US state energy utility company serving primarily in the northwest region had an annual telecom spend of $3 Million. They had seen their relationship with their telecom carrier lose its footing.

Inventory Management

A large Midwest property management firm had bought and sold many properties yet maintained a limited visibility into their inventory leading to unnecessary payouts, late fees, etc.

Mobility Billing Solutions

A leading west coast university had telecom-related invoices totaling $6 Million per year. While they’d captured over $1 Million in refunds, they felt there was still a good deal of money left on the table.

Cost Avoidance Telecom

A holding company with an annual telecom spend of $18 Million faced serious challenges around inventory management including rising expenses, lack of visibility as well as potential liabilities.

Billing Optimization

A software company needed help identifying what services they were using vs what they were paying for and were struggling with aggressive timelines, constrained resources, and limited experience.

Increasing Efficiencies

A Fortune 10 Company was looking to increase overall efficiencies throughout a review and audit processes associated with their telecommunication costs for more than 7000 paper invoices.

Voice and Data Network

A financial institution was challenged with network cost containment due to recent downsizing but faced limited resources and difficulty consolidating their networks.

Annual Cost Reduction

An e-commerce firm had a global telecom spend of over $40+ million. They were looking for ways to reduce costs and needed an in-depth review of toll-free service bills, contracts, and inventory.