Software Licensing Renegotiation

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The Client

TurnPoint Services, a fast-growing national service company, had experienced double-digit growth in acquisitions. They had acquired 60+ brands nationwide in a short few-year period and were now faced with consolidating, right-sizing and streamlining the software licensing and management for all these brands now under TurnPoint’s leadership.

The Challenge

As we saw in the previous case study, rapid growth is certainly a boon for business, but it often comes with difficult challenges. TurnPoint again enlisted Intelligent Bills help, this time to right-size their software licensing across their entire portfolio.

Initially, TurnPoint asked us to review their software licensing as well as their own internal analysis ahead of their contract renewal. They knew that our team’s expert eyes on their data along with our industry-insider access and information would very likely mean more savings. They were right.


Intelligent Bills found

$ 140 K
$ 420 K

But that's not all!

Our Strategy

Intelligent Bills follows a simple, straightforward roadmap to success with software licensing:

  • Discover and analyze software installations by replicating audit practices.
  • Create an effective license position by comparing usage with entitlement.
  • Advise on risk mitigation strategies that eliminate or minimize license shortfalls.
  • Assist with design, planning, and budgeting for value-based incremental license requirements.

When analyzing TurnPoint’s software agreement, we found that a price increase over the previous contract period had already led to paying significantly more for the same configuration. Since they were not made aware of those price increases, their initial analysis did not accurately reflect the projected costs. That was the first step.

Next, we eliminated waste around unused or barely used licenses. We identified licenses and risks around downward migration due to size limitations that would have impacted conversions. We then reconfigured the licensing distribution and assisted in implementing an email data retention policy, leading to additional savings.

Finally, we aligned TurnPoint with a more diverse publishing vendor allowing for greater discounting opportunities relating to licenses and equipment via a total aggregate spend.
As with all our clients, our overall strategy is to forge a continuous positive impact by helping TurnPoint proactively maximize their savings and ROI on all of their IT / Telecom / Technology expenses as their portfolio of companies continues to evolve and expand.

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