SD-WAN Transformation

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This customer owned 15 auto dealerships across the southeast, all of which have been family-owned and operated since the ’70s.

The Challenge

This automotive group depends on a fast, reliable, and secure network to connect with customers, employees, business partners, while supporting key business applications across its dispersed locations. All of the company’s business-critical applications are located in a private, cloud-based system, including its CRM, inventory management, and servicing platforms. Employees depend on reliable access to the system to execute daily business functions and deliver superior customer service. Additionally, the automotive group provides guest WiFi for customers across all of its 15 locations, which also requires a reliable internet connection. While the growth of these dealerships was, of course, a positive, the higher volumes of clientele were straining the internet bandwidth. Slow network performance during high-traffic periods delayed productivity and, in turn, negatively impacted the customer experience.

The automotive chain was utilizing a 100 megabit per second (Mbps) Ethernet Network Service (ENS) line to connect its 15 locations to the cloud-based dealer management system. The automotive group also had a 200 Mbps Ethernet Dedicated Internet (EDI) lines in place at key campuses to support communication with customers and partners, as well as to power guest WiFi. The combination of the ENS and EDI lines delivered a robust connection that met the company’s needs for several years, but as the automotive group continued to expand, it began to experience network congestion. As the dealership added more locations and staff, the growing number of users put added pressure on the network and accessing the company’s cloud-based system became increasingly challenging. At the same time, the dealership was adopting additional cloud-based applications to which employees needed reliable access, further compounding the issue. Delays in system access negatively impacted the customer experience, as employees were unable to service clients quickly, and impeded employee productivity which produced frustration and complaints from workers across the network. Employees’ inability to seamlessly access the dealership’s business systems began impacting customer relationships.


Intelligent Bills found

100 Mbps
This move enabled a more efficient transfer of large electronic files and freed up additional capacity on the ENS line so that the bandwidth could be used solely for primary business processes.
resulting in better business application performance and provided redundancy in the case of a circuit failure.
allowing for everyday operations to run smoothly, and provide the flexibility required for each dealership's varying traffic.
improved employee productivity and enhanced guest WiFi services.

But that's not all!

An additional benefit of the conversion to SD-WAN was the company’s video file transfer which has since been expedited and the employee productivity and guest WiFi service issues have been resolved. Workers noted an immediate improvement in network speed and their ability to access the shared cloud system, which in turn, helped boost overall productivity and deliver improved customer service. 

The SD-WAN connection also provided redundancy for the company’s ENS, which the system previously lacked. The redundancy made possible by SD-WAN allows employees to service customers even during a circuit failure.

Finally, as the Automotive Group continues to grow, SD-WAN provides the scalability and flexibility needed to grow with the organization.  The dealership now has the option to utilize SD-WAN to support an array of systems including inter-dealership traffic as well as guest WiFi. So, no matter how demands and requirements change, the Automotive Group can depend on SD-WAN to deliver the bandwidth, cross-branch management, optimization, and the agility necessary to address its needs. 


The Strategy

  • RFI/RFP type effort with various vendors, Comcast stood out as the most knowledgeable carrier with the most superior service and support offerings.
  • The client participated in an early stage Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) trial. SD-WAN technology enables distributed enterprises to connect VPNs across different sites and has application-specific control across the entire network to manage configurations and policies. SD-WAN provides greater network-wide management control, consistency, and flexibility without costly hardware, maintenance, or labor investments.
  • Pair SD-WAN with 100Mbps for all 15 locations, to function in concert with and support its existing ENS and EDI solutions. The automotive chain utilized the SD-WAN to move its bandwidth-intensive applications off of it’s ENS network.

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