Managed Bill Pay

Streamline corporate payments, save money, time and resources with our Managed Bill Pay services


Global B2B Payments and Accounts Payable (AP) Automation

Our expert team of business analysts will dive deep into your current budgeting and bills and unlock savings in business and technology to identify ways that you can better manage your spend and capture unrealized profits and forensic savings.

A Total Integrated Accounts Payable Platform

We're all about streamlining your corporate payments into an automated powerhouse where smart, highly secure, and efficient payments create additional revenue for your business without the frustration that normally comes payments.

For any size business, we make B2B payments easy and automatic so that your accounts payable teams can eliminate manual processes that slow revenue growth and internal processes. Facilitating global payments the way you want them, unravel reconciliations and earn dividends on qualifying methods of payment creates a win for the organization. The following are a few of the tailored solutions we can craft based on your organization’s needs.

Virtual Cards:
Highly secure single-use electronic credit cards.

An Automated Clearinghouse funds transfer when virtual cards aren’t accepted.

Proprietary Network:
Similar to ACH but with invoice level detail delivered through our payments platform.

When vendors still require check payments, we handle the manual process

Foreign Exchange:
Payments in 18 countries and 140 currencies.

Ghost Cards:
A type of virtual card that can be opened for recurring transactions to the same vendor or used for
multiple transactions across different vendors.

There’s a strong business case for making Intelligent Bills your advisor on managed corporate payments. Large enterprises have relied on Intelligent Bills for years for invoice audit, optimization, and allocation. The addition of this service offering brings solutions full circle impacting all services from procurement to payment, whilst building best in class efficiencies.


  • Save money, through the reduction of late fees and reduced headcount
  • Continuity by eliminating service cutoffs for non-payment.
  • Identify errors quickly through increased visibility to view each applied payment
  • Reduce liability, by placing the onus on the provider for late fees
  • Optimize cash management, by keeping cash on your books for longer periods

Let us schedule your first batch and start sending funds. Your organization will instantly start earning rebates on many of the managed pay services, while reducing processing times through the elimination of all the manual work.