Mergers & Acquisitions

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Intelligent Bills should be part of the initial process, whether you're merging, acquiring or both. When it comes to your mergers and acquisitions, the Intelligent Bills team will do the full audit and analysis needed to arm you with a 360 degree view into potential revenues and growth possibilities. We will also provide strategic sourcing and a detailed plan for implementation when a merger or acquisition is complete.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Organizations either grow organically or through mergers and acquisitions (M&A).  Many mid-large enterprise businesses, depending on revenue, do both.  The real leaders in the marketplace do it through strategic M&A.

Over the past 30+ years working with large enterprises, we have first-hand experience dealing with the challenges that mergers and/or acquisitions bring to the new parent organization.  A great deal of time, money, and resources are spent trying to figure things out.

The Intelligent Bills team will alleviate those frustrations, providing your organization a complete inventory of services, circuits, equipment, and contract rates/terms to be transitioned over upon finalization of the new executed M&A.


  • A detailed inventory of circuits/services/equipment per location including tone & tag outlining origination/termination equipment and location with serial numbers by the vendor
  • A compiled list of all current vendors, accounts, spends, and run rates by service
  • A detailed summary of existing vendor contracts and terms with recommendations
  • Audit of all existing billing/contracts/inventory with a detailed list of potential claims/refunds
  • A detailed list of all areas where the client can take advantage of cost avoidance areas


  • Significantly reduce the time and resources needed to compile IT/Telecom inventory
  • Allows current IT/Telecom team to prioritize conversion projects into existing vendor architecture/environment and contracts
  • The economy of scale with vendors through consolidation and audit reviews
  • Reduce costs and recovery with vendors through sourcing renegotiation efforts with vendors
  • Receive a complete and reconciled listing of accounts and inventory of services