License Audit Defense

Don’t try to navigate a licensing audit without a trusted and vendor-independent expert.


Work with Intelligent Bills for Best-case Audit Outcomes

Software audits occur every one to two years and it is compulsory for clients to submit the information to the providers as stipulated in the EULA. While these are simple and focused on Direct Access, some provider now conduct extended audits driven by a License auditor.

Providers formal audits cover both Direct and Indirect Access, as well, in the case with SAP, HANA Runtime compliance analysis. Indirect Access is especially vital to assess and mitigate!

Intelligent Bills Audit Defense Delivers the Following Value

Respond Properly to Notification

Control the flow of information from beginning to end.


Challenge Presented Findings

Reject mistakes and claim customer-friendly interpretations.

Limit Compliance Exposure

Apply Intelligent Bills expert understanding of rules and contracts.

Achieve Optimal Outcome

Purchase additional software on your timing, terms, and budget.