License Compliance Review

Identify license compliance issues, design remediation strategies, and uncover savings.


Don't Live with a False Sense of Security

While some software providers like SAP, require their customer to perform a self-audit through the annual declaration process, this is not a comprehensive review of your entitlements versus usage. This process can give organizations a false sense of security when it comes to compliance.

It is critical to understand your entitlements to mitigate any compliance exposure before submitting your annual declaration data to any provider to avoid triggering an extended audit.

Intelligent Bills Compliance Delivers the Following Value

Defensible License Compliance

Licensing that properly aligns value with compliance policy and mitigates risk.


Independent Advice

A trusted and vendor-independent partner analyzing usage.

Focus on Business Outcomes

Pursue your business goals and not the providers.

Planning & Budgeting

Purchase additional software on your timing, terms, and budget.

Why work with Intelligent Bills for Provider Licensing

Many of the Provider's licensing structures have changed more often than other vendors’, with usage rights updated on a quarterly basis.

If your organization has been with a Software Provider for a long time, it can be difficult to work out the usage rights from what you had purchased years ago, leaving you at risk of exposure.

Intelligent Bills specializes in a varierty of Software Providers so you can specialize in your core business.