License Management

We help organizations measure and optimize software licensing under strict non-disclosure, advise customers to a compliant position, and defend customers when called upon by formal audit.

Top Three Telecom Expense Management Issues

Prepare Yourself to Face a License Audit?

Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP are a few companies that make their software publicly available online.  Some do not require license keys, and automatically installs premium features. Then they employ legions of salespeople and auditors—armed with revenue-driving policy—to follow up and extend order documents for software that is deemed installed whether running or adding value.

Intelligent Bills has the tools, expertise, and confidence to dispute and their audit organizations when shortfalls eclipse measurable and agreeable value.

Intelligent Bills License Management Delivers the Following Value

Defensible License Compliance

Licensing that properly aligns value with compliance policy and mitigates risk.


Trusted Partnership

A trusted partner managing and defending your license position with Oracle.

Focus on Business Outcomes

Operate without fear of Oracle’s aggressive sales and audit practices.

Planning & Budgeting

Purchase additional software on your timing, terms, and budget.

We Audit your Software Usage as do the the Providers

With Intelligent Bills, you can know—not wonder—what the Providers will make of your compliance position and then act prior to facing an audit. We quantify your actual usage, interpret contracts, the policies, and the stands in the gap as an educated vendor manager on your behalf.

Our Step-by-Step Roadmap

Discover and analyze software installations by replicating audit practices.

Create an effective license position (ELP) by comparing usage with entitlement.

Advise on risk mitigation strategies that eliminate or minimize license shortfalls.

Assist with design, planning, and budgeting for value-based incremental license requirements.