TEM Sourcing

TEM Sourcing includes needs assessments, contract negotiations, project implementation and management to ensure best-in-class terms and service.


On average, our Technology Expense Management or TEM Sourcing solutions have been able to save our new clients well over 30% in annual savings on their technology and telecom managed services.


Over the years, technology has become an increasingly large percentage of corporate budgets and digital business across all industries. This business technology spend can be reduced and optimized if you know every option that is available for your long-term success. Procuring contracts with third-party vendors can be a daunting, frustrating, and time-consuming process for many organizations. Calculating costs, ensuring accurate data sets, wading through proposals, and negotiating with prospective service providers are all items that perpetuate the pain of these labors. At Intelligent Bills, we utilize three sources to bring a world-class agreement to each project. It begins with our contract negotiation experience and technical expertise to make sure that your third-party vendor contracts are working in favor of your company, that profits are not being lost, and that cost savings are clear. Then we source our vast library of IP Market Intelligence to insure competitiveness in terms, conditions, and pricing. Lastly, we bring in our hands-on integration experience from lessons learned in rightsizing existing TEM/EMM/WEM arrangements or through the successes around TEM/EMM/WEM Transitions.

The identification and elimination of dated technologies and unused services from the data set validation alone can save your company millions in lost revenues. Intelligent Bills will help to increase IT savings and bottom line profits by reducing these ongoing needless costs.

Whether you're new to managing technology expenses or consider switching from another provider, we have years of digital consulting experience in the start-up process and know that any new engagement might seem overwhelming. Our experts have been successful in change management while maximizing savings, performance, and digital marketing. All projects are executed using proprietary integration methodology which defines the methods and procedures used to plan for, manage, and execute installations and reinstallations for our customers.

The installation of any TEM/EMM/WEM system can be very beneficial to an organization’s bottom line and should be on every organization's checklist of business tech needed. Very few other undertakings offer comparable direct and tangible benefits in terms of revenue from the hard and soft dollars. The success or failure can be vitally important for both current income and a
business’s potential profitability. Our approach differs based on the customer’s needs and business requirements, which shall drive the extent of all planning and configuration activities. We have multiple work streams running in parallel with five stages depending on the needs of the project. At Intelligent Bills, our team will assess current contracts and protections to ensure that nothing is falling through the cracks and that you are procuring all potential savings. We provide an end-to-end management service that enforces your policies, secures your assets, improves time management, supports your users, controls your costs and will keep you fully informed.

We provide:

  • Simplified invoice management
  • Monthly audits to identify billing anomalies and reduce costs
  • Improved employee productivity by streamlining invoice management
  • Ensure on-time payment of invoices with advance bill payment,
    eliminating rushed invoice processing and validation
  • Translate usage trends and turn business needs into implemented
  • Prevent indiscriminate usage through granular reporting
  • Recover billing errors through a fully managed bill dispute process
  • Provide visibility to end-users and management through shared services
    charge-back manageable reports
  • Identify and cut unnecessary services through inventory centralization
    and visibility
  • Avoid unnecessary hikes in rate plans through end-to-end contract
    lifecycle management
  • Fully managed commissioning and deployment of telecom/network
    services and mobile assets
  • Process moves, adds, changes, disconnect


It doesn’t matter if your existing TEM/EMM/WEM managed service provider is wavering or you are moving to a new provider, we will right-size your experience and ensure that these efforts are moved to a satisfactory state. It begins and ends with the implementation.