We make assessing needs, evaluating features and procuring quotes easy.

We've been in the telecom and technology expense management industry for 30+ years. We understand the complexity of sourcing and procuring services.  Let us accelerate your success and end the chaos of working with multiple cloud, telecom and technology vendors.


Telecom & Technology Services

Our vendor partnerships and long term carrier relationships give our customers the best in class support.  We have been facilitating client requirements and finding solutions for domestic and international vendors for more than 25 years. Our subject matter experts are on call to address all issues and take the guesswork and frustration out of procurement.  Our partnerships allow for the largest and best pre and post-sales operations available. We are the powerhouse behind you to source, install and provision best of breed technologies that help you save and grow.


Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) is a cloud-based customer solution that allows you to leverage a contact center provider’s software. CCaaS lets you implement only the features you need while remaining agile in scaling up or down, based on your business needs.


Demand for cloud-based solutions continues to grow as popular business applications move to the cloud. Present your customers with services focused on their cloud-based business needs from data storage and security to disaster recovery and colocation.


Business moves fast and customers depend on the reliable Internet. Offer high-speed DSL, fiber, or satellite services for small businesses or large enterprises. Connect customers with flexible solutions for more control and management of Internet costs.


Give customers peace of mind knowing their IT services are being managed by experts. Help customers spend less time on IT tasks and more time on their jobs. Even with limited resources you can have access to and choose from best-in-class providers.


Having a clear and complete understanding of the planning, sourcing, procurement, shipment,  implementation, and management of mobility services can optimize the way your company functions.


Breaking into the SD-WAN market or just trying to increase your book of business?

Get everything you need to know, including definitions, case studies, and training to comprehensive ebooks and vendor comparison guides.



With cyber threats emerging every day, having security solutions in place to protect data is mission-critical. Ensure customers are prepared to fend off cyber-attacks like data breaches, DDoS attacks, phishing, etc. with our lineup of top-tier, industry-leading solutions.


Give your clients the reliable voice services they need to stay connected. Whether it's traditional phones, hosted voice or more advanced solutions, our providers offer cost-effective, efficient,  scalable services to maintain vital communications.

Intelligent Ways to Navigate Through A Vast Vendor Footprint

When you work with Intelligent Bills, you're working with a vendor-neutral advisor for your business.

Our loyalties remain with you. Our goal is to deliver the right set of solutions for your business. We score each vendor to ensure superior services through market parity pricing, and terms and conditions so that your business can reap the rewards, risk-free.

Unlike most account teams (who make decisions based on quotas, turnover, and are only able to provide quotes for their respective companies), we exist to ensure that you get the best solutions at the best prices. We compile data with you the competitive solutions in days - not weeks.

Any combination of the above services could create wins in excess of 30%+