CCaaS (Contact Center As A Service) replaces traditional brick-and-mortar call centers by allowing companies to utilize their cloud-based provider’s software.


Whether you need to scale up or down, CCaaS, an SaaS-based model, enables you with the flexibility you need to stay agile while implementing a cloud-based customer experience solution. CCaaS users can interact with customer service in more convenient ways, and it also enables your agents to work from any location on the globe.  The global contact center software market is expected to grow to nearly $50B by 2025. (Grand View Research)


Businesses that implement CCaaS solutions see benefits such as availability to the consumer across all touchpoints, record/review calls for quality and/or training purposes, reduced IT headcount and seamless interdepartmental access for customers.

  • Intelligent Bills will help you evaluate your cloud environment, report on critical security gaps, recommend remediation steps and re-work for maximum efficiency.
  • Intelligent Bills cloud cost visibility and reporting includes recommendations on which cloud resources to purchase that will best fulfill the demands of your business.
  • We utilize the best tools to monitor and manage the details of your companies cloud bills.  We review your billing data and provide complete visibility and cost intelligence through the detailed reporting filtering.
  • Intelligent Bills' will analyze spending patterns, and usage details to quickly identify billing issues and get your spending back under control.
  • Our team will develop a plan specific to your business' needs and provide detailed recommendations to exchange underutilized convertible RIs into the RIs you actually need. Using your existing portfolio and comparing it to your actual usage we will highlight when you need to buy additional RIs and when you should reduce the number of non-convertible RIs that are not providing you with value.
  • Our team utilizes programs like Prometheus, that learn the patterns of activity, and applies policies to generate recommendations. These recommendations can, in most cases, reduce container request values (resource reservation) by 40%, which directly translates into a reduction in your node infrastructure costs.

The team at Intelligent Bills will help your organization take control of cloud costs and increase the bottom line!