Cloud-Based Solutions

Business Applications Are Moving To The Cloud.


Demand for cloud-based solutions continues to grow as more and more popular business applications move to the cloud. Present your customers with services focused on their cloud-based business needs from data storage and security to disaster recovery and colocation.


This Means:

  • Stronger security and data protection
  • Lower IT costs with less hardware and management
  • Easier access and connectivity to applications
  • Less time spent on lengthy setups and updates
  • Remote handling of backup and disaster recovery


Cloud Cost Management and Optimization 
Intelligent Bills provides cloud cost visibility and reporting, in addition to making recommendations on which cloud resources to purchase that best fulfill the demands of your applications.

Cloud Cost Intelligence Reports
Our tools help you monitor, understand and manage the details associated with your cloud bills. We review your billing data reporting structure and provide complete visibility and cost intelligence through detailed reporting and filtering.

Intelligent Bills' analysis will detect spending patterns and provide transaction details quickly identifying the root cause, getting your spending back under control.

Scientifically Reduce Container Resource Reservations 
Intelligent Bills' utilizes frameworks like Prometheus, which monitor and record patterns of activity and apply sophisticated policies to generate safe resize recommendations. These precise, automatable recommendations can, in most cases, reduce container request values (resource reservation) by 40%, which directly translates into a reduction in your node infrastructure costs.


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