Managed Services

Our Managed Services help you and your customers spend less time on everyday IT tasks and more time focused on their business.

Telecommunications management is chaotic – Let us make sense of it all while you give customers peace of mind knowing their IT services are being managed by expert providers. Intelligent Bills Managed Services solutions help clients and their customers spend less time on everyday IT tasks and more time focused on their business. Customers with limited IT staff who want to improve efficiencies and reduce hardware costs can choose from best-in-class managed service providers.


Intelligent Bills enables complete asset and telecom expense management optimization of all fixed assets including WAN, landline, ISP, and more. The procurement of new assets is effortless thanks to decades of experience with a wide variety of business types and service providers.

Our software provides automated workflows for managing wireless orders. Costs are optimized using data-driven analytics and expert analysts to ensure you don’t pay a penny more than you need to.

We make managing cloud services easy! Gain visibility into inactive subscriptions, allocate costs with ease and order new services at the click of a button.

Contract Management
Intelligent Bills tracks and manages all contracts to ensure you get the best rates at renewal and never pay tariff rates. Our expert contract negotiation services leverage one of the largest data sets in the world in determining the optimal prices for your services.

Our technology expense management support covers everything from moves, adds, changes, and deactivations, to trouble ticketing, and end-user issue management. You can also elect to stand-up a dedicated support phone number to call in your issues directly.

Empower the IT Administrator
Our technology empowers the IT Admin, using RPA to maintain, update, and control repetitive tasks. The IT Admin will gain time to focus on what really matters.

Employee Lifecycle Management
If each asset must have its administrator, how do you manage the corresponding permissions, privileges, and restrictions of each position? And what about duties and responsibilities?

The process of managing resources and assets is costly and complex; when combined with human resources, it could become nearly unmanageable. Let us help you manage resources and assets in a stress-free way.

A few benefits to managed services:

  • Lower in-house IT expenses
  • Quick and easy installation of IT software with greater uptime
  • Increased business productivity with less time wasted on IT issues
  • A greater level of support with remote monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Flexible storage solutions to acclimate to business needs


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