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Telecom Cost Control Solutions


IB Staff has performed over a thousand reviews throughout it's collective tenure and experience.  Through our intelligence platform we catalog the most common errors for future reference.


In parity with the Compliance review, IB  identifies savings opportunities via current and legacy services out of contract, services never placed under an kind of  agreement, or through simple consolidation.

Inventory Management

inventory related billing errors and lack of visibility into what is or isn't working drive this savings category, also fueling the data-set build for any Strategic Sourcing or New Cost Containment Exercise.

Strategic Sourcing

IB oversees the entire sourcing process  including: demand set analysis; vendor capability assessment and selection; RFx document production; vendor response compilation; final decision recommendation; and negotiation of the final agreement. 

Enterprise Mobility Management

Our comprehensive wireless expense management and support suite combines world-class technology with services supplemented by IB Resources. Our solution is 100% hosted so no Software CAPEX is required also allowing for a rapid implementation. 

Telecom Expense Management

IB helps global organizations manage, understand, and control their fixed communications assets and costs.  This is achieved through the implementation or rightsizing of TEM Best Practices for organizations with an Internal or Outsourced TEM Practice.

A Blended Solutions Approach Has Delivered Results Beyond Expectations - Web Provider

More Recent Wins

Global Financial Services & Communications Company

They have been Instrumental in providing inventory control, complete expense visibility, and advising us on strategic direction around Telecom Expense with our existing TEM Provider thus resulting in refunds, savings, and credits for missed SLAs.

State Government Agency

Having an existing State Schedule to purchase from, we were under no illusion that the engagement would net any wins.  It was through this exercise that we realized a cleanup of our inventory resulting in refunds and savings, in addition to a revised agreement aligned with the market.

Global Freight Organization

Managing six different organizations and having a footprint of over 250+ Service Centers, this organization realized savings through an Inventory Validation Project netting $4.0Mm in Annual Savings through the elimination of dated technologies and unused services.