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Telecom Expense Management

Service Level Agreement Audits / Reimplementation

This service solution is a comprehensive communications management platform for your corporate voice, data, internet, wireless, equipment and other IT spend.  Our offering empowers your organization with greater ability to track, manage, and validate your expenses by leveraging our invoice processing services and feature rich application to achieve savings, visibility, and control.  

Intelligent Bills drafts, develops and implements the right integrated cost management solutions for your all your corporate spends. The technology empowers your organization with greater abilities to track, manage and audit your expenses by providing a single platform, from contracting through provisioning and deployment through audit, allocation and payment: all via a secure web-based application.Our solutions allow your team members to gain control and reduce expenses by implementing a centralized set of processes, tools and by further developing a specialized expertise engulfing all your assets, usage, vendors and invoices.We save clients from the hassles of managing a variety of paper bills, a myriad of complex contracts and the effort that goes into managing/coding all those bills.

Client Advantages:

  • Improved Workflow Management
  • Uniform Style Invoice Viewer
  • Invoice Audit, Dispute, Reconciliation Management
  • Order and Activity Management
  • Configuration tools including Contract Management and Inventory
  • Automated posting to financial systems
  • Management accountability and budgetary discipline
  • Ongoing accuracy in financial reporting
  • Numerous management reports to assist in trend analysis and strategic planning
  • One repository for tracking inventory, productivity, and management of expense without relying on manual systems with multiple spreadsheets
  • Management Reporting and Visibility of a Top 5 Corporate Expense
  • Detailed accounting and cost allocation
  • Reduction of operating expenses through elimination of billing errors
  • Review vendor/supplier compliance agreements
  • Savings accrue directly to the benefit of the Bottom Line.

SLA Audit Identified Our TEM Missed & Incorrectly Reported Metrics - Financial Group

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