VENDOR MANAGEMENT: What’s Really Important?

Today, many companies state they have a relationship or partnership with some of their vendors when discussing network architecture and solutions that make their business run and the question is, with vendor management, what’s really important?  What does this really mean when it comes to telecom vendors?  Does being the biggest or the longest mean they can deliver the best value, service, and delivery?  Unless your vendor is giving you back cash or you have some level of bartering arrangement in place that helps both organizations, we ask that you define what’s really important. 

In the domestic marketplace (& global), AT&T and Verizon are behemoths that currently have a majority share of the telecom marketplace.  Many companies flock to them for a mix of reasons, but times are changing.  The level of competition and QOS delivered by smaller, yet large organizations, are available at better value, better service levels, better support, and better delivery. 

Most Telecom providers will tell you they can deliver to any given address and install the service you request within a certain timeline at a certain price through quoting exercises.  In reality, they may be able to, but only with the help of additional access providers.  AT&T, Verizon, BT, Centurylinkand more provide some or all access to a facility, but mostly through partnership agreements.  In some circumstances, they can deliver end to end and have total control of service in cases of having LIT facilities.  This is not the norm.   


  • Global Retailer – consolidated vendors and invoices resulting in a reduction of personnel support and _% savings 
  • Global Software Provider – reduced GIS service by 82% using market intelligence and network optimization 


Please keep in mind the following during the selection process: 

  • Price (have all components detailed and defined including estimated taxes/surcharges) 
  • Availability (have the access provider defined at each install point) 
  • Timeline to deliver 
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) 
  • Support services provided and detailed 
  • Market intelligence and reviews of vendor delivery 
  • Commitment levels and any penalties for canceling/moving service early
  • Additional T&C’s

At Intelligent Bills, our deep knowledge and market intelligence of the entire telecom landscape has helped many Fortune 1000 company’s lower costs and streamline their vendor procurement process.  To learn more about how we can help, contact us at [email protected]