We’ve helped some of the largest corporations in all varieties of industries.
And we’d love to help you too.

We remove the pain of procuring quotes and services from Telecom and Technology Services Providers. 


Intelligent Bills brings a sense of serenity by ending the chaos of working with multiple cloud and telecom vendors on a one on one fashion. By using our past 25+ Years of Successful Experience in understanding the frustrations, and removing the complications of sourcing and procuring services.


Our team will simplify the process and streamline your success.


The Intelligent Bills portfolio of Domestic and International vendors has earned Intelligent Bills the reputation as the premier advisory firm for your business.  Helping facilitate your needs and connecting you with the best solutions.  Our team of experts are on call to address all your needs, measured with service level agreements takes the guesswork out of whether we are efficient, and reduces the stress you may currently be dealing with. Intelligent Ways to Navigate Through A Vast Vendor Footprint.


Realize quickly the many benefits of working with a vendor-neutral advisor for your business.

Our loyalties remain with you on delivering the right set of solutions, scoring each vendor to ensure superior services through market parity pricing, terms, and conditions.  Thereby allowing you to reap all the rewards whilst removing all risk.  


Unlike your existing account teams, that are susceptible to quotas, turnover, and are only able to provide quotes for their respective companies, we exist to ensure that you get the best solutions at the best prices, allowing you to have choice, in days versus the number of weeks it takes to compile such data.